When Owen Was Born With A Malformed Brain His Doctors Told His Parents That He Would Never Walk Or Smile

Diagnosed with the brain abnormality Lissencephaly when he was 3 months old, things didn’t look good for Owen and his family. Doctors projected that Owen would only live to be 10 years old.

Lissencephaly is a disease known for its effect on the brain making it smooth like an egg instead of containing folds like a normal healthy brain, making a person unable to walk, talk, or show emotion, and eventually ending in an early death.

Owen’s mother, Taryn, had gone through a normal, healthy pregnancy. But when Owen started displaying irritable behavior around 2 months, Taryn and Vincent knew there was a problem.

At 3 months, Owen went in for testing and was diagnosed with the condition

Taryn and Vincent do not let this condition get in the way of appreciating her time with Owen. “We are a happy, young family and these rare conditions can happen to anyone,” Taryn said. And despite the odds, Owen has been able to accomplish things that someone born with his condition aren’t usually able to do.

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“He can sit on his own for 10 seconds which is just massive for us,” Taryn also says that Owen is laughing and smiling all the time now.

When asked “How do you do it?” The family said that their main source of strength is their positive

“Owen picks up on our vibes and if we’re happy around him, he’s a happy little man too,” Taryn said.

Taryn and Vincent are currently trying new types of therapy to help Owen with his condition.

Help Taryn and Vincent by sharing Owen’s story and raising awareness for Lissencephaly.