Ocean Lavender: The Modern Day Gerber Baby


When our fan Candice came to us with photos of her daughter Ocean Lavender we just could not believe our eyes, or hers! Why? Because they are as blue as can be, hence her name 🙂 Not only that, we think that she bears a striking resemblance to the Gerber Baby.

Ocean Lavender is 9 months old and according to her mother, she is a very happy baby who loves the outdoors and summer time!

Candice shared this beautiful sentiment with us:

“Our daughter is absolutely the cutest! She is a living doll! Her name is Ocean Lavender. She has super blue eyes just like the Ocean! She is a October baby and is 9 months old! Little miss Ocean is quite the little adventurer! She loves being outdoors,playing in the sand,dipping her toes in the river or lake to cool off on hot days! She is a very well behaved good girl for mommy and daddy but this little doll is definitely a daddys girl! She gets told by EVERYONE how adoreable she is and she really takes it to heart! She is the light of many peoples lives and brings so much joy to our family!” – Mommy



Candice is obviously a very proud mom; and she should be! She has a very beautiful little girl.