Mother Gives Baby Born Without Eyes A Chance At Life

When Lacey Buchanan found out she was pregnant, she was more excited than she had ever been. Then, heartbreak – there was a problem with her baby. Doctor’s told her that her son, Christian,
had restricted blood flow to his face, and would likely be born with facial abnormalities; the extent of which Lacey and her husband could have never imagined.

Christian was born 4 months later with a Tessier cleft lip, a condition that affects only about 50 children in the entire world. The condition is characterized by a cleft pallet that extends past the mouth causing Christian to be born without eyes and other parts of his face.

Lacey knew her son’s battle would be long and hard. After a series of highly complex surgeries to close the gap in his pallet, Christian, who just celebrated his third birthday party, is doing better. (Video on Page 2)

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