New Dad Gags And Almost Vomits While Changing His Baby Daughter’s Diaper


Despite extreme gagging through the entire video, this father manages to hunker down and change his daughters diaper in this hilarious video. (Keep reading below.)

Moving his face to avoid the smell, or try to avoid throwing up on his daughters, he continues to gag. ‘Dirty girl,’ he swears.

Trying to move his face away from his daughter to avoid the smell, or maybe in case he does throw up, he continues to gag. Swearing, the dad gasps, ‘dirty girl.’

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The unnamed dad comes dangerously close to vomiting several times as he attempts to change his daughters diaper. The tattooed man captured on camera spends at likes 2 minutes and 45 seconds of the 3 minutes on the verge of throwing up, before finally telling his daughter ‘Let’s try and keep this one clean ’til Mum gets home’.

Watch the hilarious video above!

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