Mother Undergoes IVF To Have The Baby Of Her Dying Husband


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A mother who suffered three miscarriages is finally able to give birth after being give a pill that only costs her 3 dollars a month using the frozen sperm of her terminally ill husband in an IVF procedure.

After having 3 miscarriages, Rachel Lewis-Mayhew was ready to give up hope. In her mid-40’s, she didn’t know if she could handle any further heartbreak.

That’s when rachel decided to visit a fertility specialist who advised her that her thyroid levels were much to high for a pregnant woman.

Rachel was prescrived the pill Thyroxine, a prescription costing her a mere 3 dollars a month, and a simple fix that would lower the thyroid hormones in her body enough for her to become fertile.

The pill enabled Rachel to maintain low enough thyroid levels to support conception. Rachel then had an IVF procedure using the sperm of her husband, who died earlier this year of a brain tumor. This was their last chance to have a child together.

“We lost the first child at three months and that was particularly traumatic because we actually saw the baby.” Rachel said. “The second baby was also lost at three months but had actually died at about eight weeks and we lost a third baby too.”

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“After I was told about the thyroid levels it did make me think that something as simple as that could have saved our child’s life if it had been spotted earlier.

37 weeks after Rachel’s procedure, she gave birth to baby Augustyna, weighing only 4lbs 2oz.

Alex has since passed away from brain cancer, and Rachel is left juggling being a single parent and being the soul supporter of her household.

Rachel is now raising awareness for older women who might want to become pregnant with her story. ”My age has obviously affected my ability to have children but the message I want to get out there older women can still have some hope and Augstyna is living proof of that.”