Premature Babies Dress Up For Halloween Costume Contest

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The Advocate Children’s Hoospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois is doing something special this year – they are holding a Halloween contest at the neonatal intensive care unit.

Parents and infants in the NICU were encouraged dress up for the contest. Every infant, even the smallest preemies, joined in the event.

“The NICU can be so stressful and so intense for both our staff and our families,” said Deb Skopec, neonatal nurse. “This is just a day where we lighten up a little bit. Some of sicker babies can wear a little hat, this way everyone can be involved,” said Skopec.

According to Skopec, one mom planned a Batman and Superman costume for her twin boys, while another mom brought in three choices for her newborns first Halloween. Parents had a hard time finding costumes to fit the infants, but that didn’t stop some moms from getting creative.

“Some of them are making them and some of them went to Build-a-Bear…They look for doll clothes,” Skopec explained.

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“They just like the fact that the babies are having a normal day,” she said. “They’re doing the own form of Halloween.”