Twins Give Birth To Twins For The Second Time


These sisters do everything together!

Against all odds, these identical twin sisters, Kerri Bunk and Kelli Wall from Salt Lake City, Utah, both gave birth to sets of twins for the second time.

Wall was 8 weeks ahead of her due date, and Bunk was 1 month ahead. They both changed their schedules (involuntarily) to have their twins at the same time!

Both sets of twins are happy and healthy.

Bunker and her husband were in shock when they found out they were having twins AGAIN!

“Our jaws dropped. We weren’t trying for kids, we weren’t expecting them, not let alone two,” she said.

Wall and her husband felt the same way.

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“I felt super shocked. It was a surprise,” Wall said.

“Both of us still look at each other and think, ‘did this really happen?’” Bunker said.

Wall admits: “Yes, there are days I’m frightened. Oh my gosh I think ‘How can I handle this?’ But we have done this once. I think we can handle it.”

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