Cutest Baby: Paisley “Lil Cinco”

Meet Paisley, this week’s Cutest Baby contest winner!

Paisley was born on the 5th of May, 2015. That’s right – she is a Cinco de Mayo baby! Her nickname is “Lil Cinco”, coined by her great aunt.

Paisley loves being outside with the animals on her Paw-paw’s farm. She has blue eyes and her favorite movie is “Finding Nemo”. (Keep reading.)

Enter this week’s Cutest Baby Contest!

According to Paisley’s Aunt, she is very spoiled and very photogenic. She just loves showing off her teeth, and rightfully so, because she has almost 8 of them! Not only that, she has already taken her first step! Wow!

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As you can see, Paisley can melt anyone’s heart. She not only has an adorable smile, but a personality that will make you say “this baby is the cutest!”