5-Year-Old Climbs Cliff To Save 10-Week-Old Baby Brother

Five-year-old Lexi is being dawned a hero after she risked her life to save her 10-week-old brother and unconscious mother.
Angela Shymanski and her two children, 5-year-old Lexi and 10-week-old Peter, were on their way home in Prince George, Canada, when Angela fell asleep at the wheel. According to reports, their SUV veered off the road, crashed through a guard rail, and when off a hill before falling nearly 40-feet and hitting a tree.

Lexi was awoken by her baby brother’s cries, and when she realized her mother was unconcious, she knew what she had to do. Lexi bravely unbuckled her seat-beat, jumped out of the overturned vehicle, and climbed up the 40-foot embarkment to the road where she signaled a couple passing by for help, who then called the police and paramedics.

10-week-old Peter and his mother, Angela, were airlifted to the hospital where they discovered bleeding on Peter’s brain, and performed emergency Neurosurgery. Miraculously, Peter has made a full recovery.



Angela, however, was not as lucky. Her back was broken in two places, and she is now confined to a wheel chair. “She underwent surgery to repair internal bleeding and had some organs removed.” doctors said. The family has set up a <a href=”http://www.gofundme.com/yrkpa9s#sthash.gAvuzLpv.dpuf”>GoFundMe page</a> to help with both her and Peter’s medical bills and treatment.

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Amazingly, Lexi came out of the accident with only scratches. However, life has changed for the Shymanski family. Husband Travis, who was not involved in the accident, now finds himself trying to provide for the family full time and to pay for Angela’s medical treatments now that Angelia is confined to a wheelchair and cannot work anymore as a swim instructor.

Although life has changed for the family, Angela and Travis still recognize Lexi’s bravery, and realize that without her, the outcome could have been much different.