Abandoned Baby Almost Freezes To Death, Stray Dog Does Something Amazing


When a dog heard the cries of a newborn baby in a field in Argentina, her motherly instincts kicked in.

A resident of La Plata, Argentina, called the police when he heard what sounded like a baby crying in a field near his house. When the man went outside to investigate, what he discovered was incredible; an infant lying next to the dog nestled in with her 6 newborn puppies.

According to police, the newborn was abandoned by a 14-year-old girl only hours after being born.

The dog found the baby after hearing her cries, and carried her over 150 feet back to her own puppies. Doctors say due to the harsh conditions, 37 degrees and windy, the baby, who was only a few hours old, surely would have died if it weren’t for the dog.

“The dog is a hero to us.”

The baby, despite minor scratches and bruises, is doing well. The teenager has said little about what happened.