Nude Photos Show Moms’ Real Postpartum Bodies

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Seeing yourself naked during postpartum for the first time can be a shocking moment. Staring at your fleshy stomach in the mirror is a daunting, and if you are like many moms, you just can’t wait to look like you used to before pregnancy.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by these thoughts as new moms, especially when we are bombarded with images of women with perfect bodies who seem to look absolutely perfect immediately after giving birth and bust out the bikinis and spandex.

It’s for this very reason photographer Liliana Taboas of Divine Mothering is raising awareness for how women look postpartum.

That’s exactly what the images in her book “I WIll Always Be Your Mother” do. These images are about showcasing the strength of the female body and send the message that a woman should be proud of what her body just accomplished, shifting the focus from body image. (Continues on Page 2)