She Went Into Labor In Traffic, Used A Genius Method To Keep Her Baby Alive

Deshai Fudd was on her way to the hospital to delivery her baby when she ran into a problem – rush hour traffic. At first she thought she would be able to make it, but she quickly realized the baby was coming.

In the video which was posted to TikTok, Deshai and her husband acted fast and flagged down a police officer who escorted them to the hospital, but even so, Deshai knew she couldn’t wait. That’s when Deshai gave birth to her daughter right in the front seat of the car! Realizing she needed to keep her warm, Deshai had the smart idea of putting her baby in the front of her pants like a kangaroo pouch! Watch the full video below.

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While the journey was obviously hard, it was definitely worth it. Deshai made it to the hospital and said her baby was in “mint condition”. They were both discharged the very next day. Share this story with an expecting mommy to let them know they can get through anything!

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